As an independent agent, we do not work for an insurance company..we work for you!

All of our carriers meet our strict standards for excellence in financial security, outstanding claims defense, extensive experience in as well as long term commitment to your state.

We understand the battle between ever increasing overhead costs and declining reimbursements that practices struggle with each and every year.

As an independent agent, we are not contractually bound to a carrier.  Therefore, you can be assured of a true, independent review of your needs, premiums and carriers available in your state.

For over 25 years we have been working on behalf of our clients ensuring they have the most cost effective professional liability insurance policy available in the marketplace.

We continually monitor pricing and trends amongst carriers to ensure our clients are receiving the lowest possible rate available to them from their own carrier as well as the entire state marketplace.

By dealing with a wide array of insurance carriers, physicians have found that we are able to offer carriers and pricing that they have never been shown before.

PIC is the exclusive broker for the Pennsylvania Independent Physician Association (PIPA) as well as the American Association of Claims Free Physicians (AACFP).  PIPA and AACFP are Risk Purchasing Groups  that enable solo and small practice members to receive pricing normally reserved for large groups.

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